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Invest in a virtual business manager for less than you thought!


Flexible Pricing

We do our best to accommodate the needs of each client by offering a simple payment method through a monthly pre-paid service retainer I refer to as the "Virtual Reigns Service Card". 

What is a Virtual Reigns Service Card?

With the service card, you buy a block of hours depending on the needs of your business, i.e.;

  • Gold Card - NZD 50/hour available in a block of 30 hours per month

  • Premium Card - NZD 55/hour open in a block of 20 hours per month

  • Standard Card - NZD 60/hour available in a block of 10 hours per month

All services are included in the retainer, so you get comprehensive business support regardless of your needs.

A custom report will be generated to show how the hours are used.


Retainer renewal invoices will be customised to match the billing cycle.  


Do you still have questions? Let's have a no-obligation chat.

 Gold Card

$1,500 NZD per month

30 service hours

All services included

Premium Card

$1,100 NZD per month

20 service hours

All services included

Standard Card

$600 NZD per month

10 service hours

All services included

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